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Belts kups and promotions


The rank of black belt, also known as "Dan" ranks, requires approximately three years of training starting from a beginner level.

Upon achieving the black belt, a student is recognized as having the 1st Dan (degree) or 1st Poom if they are 14 years old or younger.


As students progress through the Dan system, they undergo a gradual journey where they learn advanced techniques, develop practical skills, and deepen their understanding of the theory and values associated with the traditional martial art.


Advancing from one Dan rank to the next entails learning new Poomsae (patterns),  refining skills, and undergoing a minimum waiting period before being eligible to test for the next Dan rank. Typically, this waiting period is: ​

  • 1st Dan to 2nd Dan – 1 year

  • 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan – 2 years

  • 3rd Dan to 4th Dan – 3 years

  • 4th Dan to 5th Dan Master – 4 years

  • 5th Dan Master to 6th Dan Master – 5 years

  • 6th Dan Master to 7th Dan Master – 6 years

  • 7th Dan Master to 8th Dan Grand Master – 8 years

  • 8th Dan Grand Master to 9th Dan Grand Master – 9 years

Kup ranks and belt colours

Grading Syllabus Itinerary

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